10 Great Beach Craft Ideas for Kids

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We love everything about the beach. The sand, the sound of the waves, and that salty beach air! Bring the beach to your house with these beach crafts to make this summer. Taking kids to the beach can be a rite of passage for parents, and once you’ve mastered these beach hacks it’s all fun and games. Specifically, the following totally awesome activities and games perfect for a sunny, sandy day.

Jellyfish Craft

Make a whole family of jellyfish with this fun paper bag craft. You’ll need a few paper bags and some paint to complete this craft.

Glitter Sand Pictures

Gather a little sand from your beach for a fun craft. Use this sand from your beach vacation to make these glitter sand pictures. Draw different beach scenes to celebrate summer.

Recycled CD Crab Craft

Recycle old CDs to make these cute little crabs. This is a great indoor craft to bring the beach inside on a rainy or cloudy day.

Shell Pets

Have some fun with googly eyes and shells and craft these cute little shell pets! These are perfect summer friends that can be transported anywhere and make for a little pretend play at the beach.

Color-Blocked Stick Necklaces

Collect driftwood from the beach to create these beautiful color-blocked necklaces. Show off your hard work and wear them all summer long.

Rainbow Sea Shells

You’ll need lots of different shapes and sizes of sea shells for this craft project. Paint them all of the colors of the rainbow for a super fun beach craft.Seashells are simply some of the most beautiful features of nature. No one will deny it. The variety is amazing, and there’s a reason we can’t resist saving them. Each one we find is more fascinating than the next.

Beach Stone Photo Holders

Display beautiful artwork with these beach stone photo holders. These would be perfect for a party to display for summer. Find solid and smooth beach stones to complete this craft!

Shell People

These shell people are easy to make and super fun to play with. Aren’t they adorable? Your kids would LOVE this project!

Recycled CD Fish Craft

Have any more CDs laying around the house? Turn them into these fun and creative fish. Grab some string and hang these as a beachy mobile in your child’s room.

Painted Rocks (& Shells)

Bring along a few markers (Sharpies work best, so this one is ideal for older kiddos) to the beach and have your kids add their own flair to gathered shells or rocks. You can choose to join the movement of hiding them for other families or take them home as souvenirs.

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