10 Take-Out Style Meals to Make at Home

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Got a craving for Pad Thai or lemon chicken but don’t want to venture outside, or out of pocket? Here are 10 delicious take-out style dishes you can make in the comfort of your own home, no tip required.

Pad Thai with Prawns

Typical Thai flavours, including chilli, lime and coconut, come together in this aromatic stir-fry of prawns, noodles and Asian vegetables. By using a curry paste, the preparation time is reduced.

Sweet Potato Curry with Paneer

A light, colourful curry that is quick and easy to make, this dish is packed with antioxidant-rich vegetables. Sweet potatoes, in particular, are an excellent source of beta carotene and vitamin C, and have a higher vitamin E content than any other vegetable. Serve with naan bread.

Chicken Satay Stir-Fry

This Indonesian-style stir-fry combines colourful crunchy vegetables and tender chicken strips. Serve with toasted white or wholemeal pita bread.

Red Thai Curry with Tofu

This great-tasting, medium-hot curry is made with tofu, an exceptionally nutritious and low-fat ingredient that soaks up the fragrant flavour of the spice paste.

Pork Korma with Potatoes and Spinach

Thickened with ground almonds and yogurt, this minced meat dish is rich and creamy yet not as indulgent as traditional curries, which are full of cream and ghee (clarified butter). Serve with warm bread to mop up the yummy,  aromatic sauce.

Mexican Bean Burritos

A fabulous vegetarian bite, this bean and vegetable mixture has a spicy kick. Combined with crunchy salad, grated cheese and creamy yogurt in tortilla wraps, it’s a filling meal for the entire family.

Chicken and Spinach Calzone

Calzone is an Italian pizza pocket that uses pizza dough to wrap up a filling. The filling here is ready-cooked roast chicken mixed with spinach, capsicums and creamy ricotta cheese. Serve with a side salad.

Greek Lamb Koftas

Pan-fried lamb meatballs fit perfectly inside warm pita bread pockets, packed with crisp cucumber and a leafy salad. Serve with cherry tomatoes to add some freshness and acidity.

Prawn and Spinach Biryani

This flagrantly spiced pilaf-style dish doesn’t take much more effort than ordering in, but it’s significantly lower in fat than its take-out equivalent.

Falafel Pitas

These spicy chickpea cakes are a popular street food all over the Middle East. Served in pita bread pockets with a colourful crunchy salad, they are healthy as well as fun to eat.

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