6 Cool DIY Scrapbook Ideas You Have To Try

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My daughter came to me with a project they have for school, a scrapbook. So, we had our creative juices flowing and worked on her project all night. It turned out better than we expected. So, I’m sharing these 6 scrapbook ideas I found, from scrapbook layout ideas to page ideas, I’m sure your scrapbook will turn out extra special.

1. Use Pressed Flowers

If you don’t want to make flowers from papers, why not press real flowers for your scrapbook project? You can press flowers using a flat iron, flower press, or with wax paper. Pressed flowers will definitely add an extra special touch to your scrapbook design.

Note: Be very careful when handling pressed flowers as they are very fragile.

2. Try These Border Ideas

Working with a plain white paper? It shouldn’t remain like that. Why not, outline the edges of your scrapbook pages with watercolor to give it a whimsical design. Draw freehand some stripes, vines, or ribbons and paint it with watercolor. These border designs add so much style to your scrapbook layout edges.

3. Paper Flowers

A staple in every scrapbook. Grab a scrapbook paper and paper flower punches to cut out flower shapes. Make as many flowers as you want. Then, layer and glue the flowers together, or pierce a hole in the center and put a brad. Make these beautiful paper flowers with the kids.

4. The Pencil Eraser Design

They used it to design a tote bag but who said it won’t work in a scrapbook. Grab a thick heart template and lay it on the paper. Then, dip the eraser into a paint, press it starting on the edge of the heart, all the way around the template. Make several prints until you are out of paint. Once you’re done, remove the heart template and you should have a beautiful heart shape. Try it in other shapes, too.

5. Woven Flower

If you really love flowers, here’s a quick and easy DIY tutorial that uses paper flowers and some ribbons. Simply cut slits in the tip of each petal, and punch a hole in the center. Weave the ribbon all the way around your flower. Then, grab some adhesive and glue down your smaller center flower. Lastly, decorate the center of the flower with anything you want. You’ve got yourself a new woven flower.

6. DIY Sand Pocket

Love going to the beach? If you also take a bit of sand every time you visit, add it to your scrapbook. Simply get a plastic film and tape them with some washi tape to seal the sand inside. You may also add a label with the place you collected the sand, along with the date.

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