How to Make Mason Jar Solar Lights

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Ever since the dollar store started selling solar lights you can stick in the ground around your patio, I couldn’t stop thinking what lighting project I can make out of it. I didn’t want it to just be plain and boring. So when I saw I still have a couple of mason jars lying around (like I always do), mason jar solar lights seems to be the best thing. With power grid failure one of the inevitable, having these in the patio seems like a good idea. You may even make a couple of bucks when you expand your reach and sell them on Etsy!

Supplies You’ll need to Make Mason Jar Solar Lights:

  • Solar light (the stake kind) $1 each at Dollar Tree
  • Mason Jar with lid
  • Some sticky foam tape

Step 1: Remove Stake Piece of the Light

Remove the stake piece of the solar lights so you are left with the top solar panel piece. I kept the plastic casing around the light because it has a metal reflector that helps intensify the brightness of the lamp.

Next, remove the stake part of the light. It should just slide right off. You’ll be left with the solar panel and light component. I kept the plastic casing around the LED.

Step 2: Slide the Solar Light Through the Ring & Keep It Snug

Remove the lid from your jar. Wrap the foam tape around the solar light.

Grab the jar and unscrew the lid. Remove the flat part of the lid and just keep the ring. The top part of the solar light should slide through the ring nicely with a little bit of snugness. In order to make sure the light doesn’t fall down into the jar, you’ll need to put the foam tape around the top of the light. This will keep it snug.

Step 3: Squeeze the Light into the Center of the Lid

Squeeze the light into the center of the lid so it’s mostly flush with the top of the jar. Once you’ve put a single layer of tape around the light, slide the light back into the ring until the top of the solar panel is flush with the top of the lid.

Step 4: Screw the Lid onto the Jar

The last thing you have to do is screw the lid onto the jar and your first solar light is complete!

Just look at them!

Viola! Your very own mason jar solar lights.

That wraps up our mason jar solar lights tutorial! I hope you learned the skills to start your own mason jar solar lights. Set your jars in a sunny spot during the day to charge and wait for darkness to fall. They will definitely set the mood on your patio in the evening. My kids actually take some of them in their rooms for night lights. Have fun creating!

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