Things to Do with Glass Jars : DIY Recycling Projects

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Loads of articles will pop up if you search for ‘things to do with glass jars’. Trust me, I’ve seen and even DIYed a whole bunch of them to place in my home. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the best upcycling projects I’ve tried, in the hopes that you reuse your glass jars instead of merely throwing them in the dump.

1. Striped Vases

It’s pretty mind-blowing how easy it is to reuse glass jars as vases. Simply grab some of your spray paints, cover the parts of the glass jar you don’t want to be painted with a paper or aluminum foil and rubber band (to recreate the striped pattern), then just fire away and paint the jar.


  • Paint the glass jar in several light coats until the desired opaque finish is achieved. Also, Allow each coating to dry before applying another coat.
  • You can also use a roll of washi tape and wind strips of tape around your jar.

2. Craft Storage Hack

Sometimes, I reuse my leftover glass jars as storage for my different crafting materials. In them, I place my beads, markers, and even coloring pencils.

Tip: You can choose to stick on a plastic animal on top of the lid for a more quirky storage piece.

3. DIY Galaxy Glow Jar

All you need to make this galaxy jar is a glass jar, some glow in the dark paint, and paintbrush. Simply add dots on your jar, starting from the bottom going up.

Tip: Want a faster way of painting? Place your paintbrush inside the jar and flick the paint off on the insides.

4. Minion Party Favors

Wondering what to do with your kid’s empty baby food jars? Turn them into minion party favors!

Tip: Get creative with a black Sharpie when drawing the minions’ facial features. You can add spiky hair or a cheeky grin to the characters.

5. Utensil Holders

Recently, I’ve gotten tired of searching for utensils in my drawers, so I made a bunch of holders to help me in the kitchen.

Tip: Be careful when pouring the acrylic paint inside the jars. Once the paint has rolled on the sides, you’ll want to place it on a piece of cardboard to catch the remaining paint.

6. Monogram Light

This monogram light will look amazing displayed in either a living room or a bedroom.

Tip: Get the edges of your letter straight with the help of some tape. That way, if you go beyond the lines, the extra paint will stay on top of the tape and not on your wooden board.

7. Glass Jar Planter

These glass jar planters will look adorable as a centerpiece or as mini party favors.

Tip: Remove the sticky food residue in your jars with this trick: Pour hot water into the jar and leave it for a few minutes. Once the water has cooled, throw it away, and start scraping. Soon, you’ll find that the hot water has made it easier to scrape off the remaining food pieces stuck in the jar.

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